Do you know your wedding style?

By Kristi | Owner Kristi Marie Events

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Chances are you have been dreaming of your wedding day for years, but do you know how knowing your wedding style can help you? 

Defining your wedding style early is a key element of the planning process. Not only will it help you declutter your Pinterest board, but it will also help you save time and money by allowing you to focus. 

Focusing on venues that fit your wedding style means you won’t need to recreate the space. Your style is already part of the surroundings! Personal touches will be all you need to enhance your vision. Remember, makeovers are pricey! 

Let potential vendors know of your vision before booking. Allow them the opportunity to tell you if their services are a good fit for your style. A photographer specializing in dark and moody may not be willing to provide you with the light and airy feel that will compliment your Garden Style wedding. And that’s ok! Focusing on vendors that are aligned with your vision means you will enjoy working with them. Great vendors are business-minded first and foremost, but when you find a vendor with both – knowledge and that indescribable “this chick gets me”, it’s priceless! 

The style you choose will set the tone and create your theme. A cohesive theme will allow you to show off your undeniable wedding day style without breaking your budget. 

Couples who are indecisive about their style find it hard to make decisions, so they often choose items for all the wrong reasons. I love a good discount, but what happens when the silver mercury votives you purchased at half-price months back don’t accent the fine china you fell in love with when you meet with the caterer? Defining your style early on keeps you from purchasing items that most likely will never be used. 

Familiarize yourself with the different styles; specifically, the adjectives often associated with each will allow you to give a name to your vision. 

10 Popular Wedding Styles

  • Traditional style brings together timeless elegance with sophistication. Think black-tie, fine china, and high-end linens. 
  • Bohemian weddings incorporate a woodland style with natural, rustic, and vintage details. Think flower crowns and macrame backdrops. 
  • Modern couples follow contemporary and current style trends. Think clean lines, metallics, and acrylic accents. 
  • Preppy style allows for a mix of formality and fun. Think bright pinks, greens, and navy-blue color palette, bold patterns, and bows. 
  • Beach vibes are nature-inspired, bringing to mind a carefree and laid-back atmosphere. Think seashells, driftwoods, tropical flowers. 
  • Rustic often found in barns or outdoors, allows for country and vintage details. Think burlap, mason jars, twine, and cowboy boots.
  • Vintage is for antique lovers who want to turn back time. Think lace, weathered doors, heirloom furniture, and classic cars.
  • Glamorous Brides and Grooms aren’t afraid of a little sparkle! Think sequined dresses, crystals, and chandeliers. 
  • Industrial Chic is both gritty and glamorous. Think revamped warehouses and converted lofts, sparkle, and fashion-forward attire
  • Whimsical embodies quirky and non-traditional details. Think anything you want! 

Defining your style doesn’t mean you can’t change your style. It also doesn’t mean you can’t combine two styles or even create your own Whimsical Style. 

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Cheers to you and your love!