Verde River Golf and Social Club Wedding

Rachel and Hal’s Verde River Golf and Social Club wedding was a gorgeous day full of celebration, love, and family!

Prior to marrying Hal, Rachel was a single mom devoted to her two sons. For her walk down the aisle, her dad walked her part way, then her sons walked her down the rest of the way. Her sons also gave heartwarming speeches about how much they appreciate and love their mom, and how happy they are that she found such a great man. You can tell they are a very close family through all the photos!

Salt and pepper shakers are a running joke between Hal and his close friends. They often exchange these as gifts or funny jokes at odd moments. The bride & groom salt and pepper shakers were secretly left as a surprise gift on their table on their wedding day!

For some fun guest photos each table was called up to the dance floor to take a crazy and fun photo with the couple. Each table tried to outdo the last table. Guests loved it and the photos are so fun!


Here is their love story in Rachel’s words….

November 2018. I was in the Las Vegas airport on business, waiting for my plane to Phoenix at the Southwest gate. I asked this handsome man what number he was in line. He replied, “Does it matter? You are welcome to stand in front of me”.

After some small talk and laughter, I thanked him, got in line in front of him, said it was nice meeting him, and boarded the plane.

I went back to the bathroom halfway through the flight.

As I walked back to the bathroom, the same man I had chatted with introduced himself. He reached out his hand into the aisle as I was walking back.

I was very flattered, and we chatted again.

On my way back to my seat, I saw that this man had his credit card out for a drink in the middle of the aisle for the flight attendant. I decided to grab it from his hand and see if he had a sense of humor! I thought it would be funny! He was very startled and laughed as I was not the person he expected to be taking his drink order.

I asked if the credit card was for me, because “I could buy my own drinks.” He laughed and said, “No, but I would like to take you out for a drink sometime.” “Great,” I said.

I smiled, gave him his card, and sat down at the head of the plane.

Once the plane landed, I got up, turned around, and smiled at him. The kind all the girls know about. Shift the shoulder up and smile. Guys can’t do this; it’s not in their DNA. Hal has tried, and it is not a good look! Then, I left. I thought, If he wanted to talk again, he would have to run quickly through the airport.

My grandma told me, “A man will do anything once he decides to find a girl, so don’t wait for him to decide. If he wants to meet you, he will find a way”. Thanks, grandma; well,  he caught up to me. He gave me his business card as he caught me about to go down to my Uber. He said, “How about I take you for a drink sometime? I was so glad he caught up with me. “Yes, I would like that.” I said.

The next day, I attended a CIO work event in Phoenix, where I was an exhibitor. I saw a woman CIO and decided to sit next to her. I asked how she pronounced her name “Deete.” She is the CIO of the same company this man worked for! I could not believe it! Wow. I asked Deete if she knew a man named Hal Looney and explained that I had met him on a plane the night before. She smiled and said she had known him for 20 years and he was a very nice man.

I texted him immediately that I had met someone he knew. We went out on our first date and have been together ever since. We both feel blessed and lucky to have met each other.

Rachel and Hal’s Verde River Golf and Social Club wedding is the culmination of a beautiful love story. Wishing them many years of happiness to come!

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Vendor Team:

Planning: Kristi Marie Events
Venue: Verde River Golf and Social Club 
DJ: Got You Covered Entertainment
Photography: Robert Godridge Photography
Videography: Simply Cinema 
Florals: The Floral Theory 
Arch: I Do Rentals 
Hair: Bella Bridal Beauty 
Makeup: Makeup By Diana