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Choosing Your Vendors

Choosing your vendors is one of the most exciting and challenging things about wedding planning. There are countless amazing professionals out there (and let’s be real, a few not so professional ones to avoid). There will be lots of discussions, many decisions to be made, and decision fatigue is real! With our tips below, we’re aiming to alleviate the stress in this process and bring back the fun!

1. Set your priorities

Prioritizing vendors is the best and easiest way to starting and keeping to your wedding budget. No matter what your budget, there are always particular vendors that you know you will not compromise on and other vendor categories that you’re okay having a smaller role in your wedding.

For you, photography might be the most important. For others, having the best DJ and entertainment may be the priority. You can prioritize each vendor category (such as photographer, videographer, catering, bar, entertainment, florist, etc.) by rating them 1-5 on your importance scale.

So, if photography is your number one priority that category would get a one. If food is important, but you really just want to make sure the meal is good, but not necessarily the best steak in the world, then it may get a three on your priority list. This is totally up to you and your partner on how you rate your priorities. Keep in mind, you may spend a little more in one category, but make up for it in another.


Choosing your vendors: Bride and Groom dancing outside

Photography: Chase Sevey

2. Hire a wedding planner

Of course, we’re partial to wedding planners around here, but we understand the importance of them which is why we are so passionate about it! Wedding planners have great networks of vendors that they know will fit your style and your budget. They also know who is professional, who will show up on time, and who will complete the work they’re contracted to do. Not all vendors are created equal and a wedding planner can help you find the ones that will be the best fit for you and your wedding!


Choosing your vendors: Bride and Groom kissing outside

Photography: Idara Ikpoh

3. Read reviews and ask for referrals

Read reviews for any wedding vendor you’re thinking about hiring! You can see reviews on Google, The Knot, or Wedding Wire. Be sure to read a compilation of reviews, not just one or two. And always check when they were written. Sometimes a vendor might have a good rating, but more recently their reviews haven’t been as stellar.

Ask your friends for referrals! Did you love the florals at your best friend’s wedding? Get in contact with her florist! Or maybe you loved the catering and service – get their info too. Experiencing vendors first hand whether it’s a wedding you attended or a referral from a friend is a great place to start and know the quality of the vendor.


Choosing your vendors: Bride and Groom in front of venue

Photography: David Lemp Photography


With this blog as a guide, choosing your vendors has just become easier! Refer to each of these points for each vendor category to help you make the right choices for you and your wedding! Feel like you still want help with planning? Contact us today!