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Designing Your Wedding

Designing your wedding is likely what you’ve been waiting for in this process, but you may not be sure on where to start. You may have ideas, but aren’t sure how to bring them to life for your wedding. Read the tips below to help you turn your wedding vision into reality!

1. Get inspiration

Pinterest, Instagram, and now TikTok are great tools to get inspiration for your wedding! You undoubtedly starting doing this right away and saved things you liked. Look at things like florals, dresses (for the bride and bridesmaids), linens, lighting, table settings, and invitations. All of this will help determine your style, what you like, and sometimes more importantly, what you don’t like. Create boards or folders for specific areas so you don’t avoid getting overwhelmed!

Remember to use these tools as inspiration and not expect your wedding to be an exact replication of something you see online. Ultimately, you want it to be your original day and a reflection of you, not someone else!

Designing Your Wedding - Wedding party

Photography: Jasmine Amber Photography


2. Compile inspiration into a mood board

There are great free options like Canva that help you create a mood board. It is important to compile all of your inspiration to create a cohesive style and design. Having a bunch of things pinned is great, but ultimately it needs to be narrowed down to create a clear vision for your design that you can share with your wedding vendors.


Designing Your Wedding - Pink wedding cake with flowers and greenery

Photography: Laura Segall


3. Share design with your vendors

Having a design to share with your vendors will help make the process so much easier! Your vendors will clearly see your vision and help make the day just as you imagine. They can also understand your style and then share what works in your budget. That giant floral arch you love so much? Unfortunately, it might be out of your budget. But having that idea to work from, your florist can create something that’s still in line with what you want AND within your budget.


Designing your wedding - Our favorite people seating chart

Photography: Kevyn Bruce Photography

Designing your wedding can feel exciting, nerve-wracking, fun, stressful, all of the things. So we hope these tips help you with getting started on your design and planning the wedding of your dreams! If you want help with designing your wedding, contact us today!