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The Difference Between Wedding Planners and Venue Coordinators

A consistent question in the wedding industry is “I have a venue coordinator, why do I also need a wedding planner?” Both of these roles are crucial to the success of your wedding. Although they are often confused as the same role, they are responsible for very different things! Read on to understand the difference between wedding planners and venue coordinators.

Venue Coordinators

Venue coordinators work for the venue. This means their focus is ultimately on the venue. They will be making sure everything with the property is running smoothly such as heating/cooling, unlocking the doors, keeping restrooms stocked, and anything else to do specifically with the venue. They may also manage catering and rentals depending on the location. This can be a huge portion of their role as well, but it varies with venues and what they each offer.

Venue coordinators absolutely want to make your day amazing and serve you to the best of their ability, however they are ultimately employed by the venue which makes that their priority.


Wedding Planners

On the flip side, wedding planners work for you! Their focus is on you. The planner’s responsibility is to the couple and making sure the day goes smoothly for you! While there is some overlap and they absolutely want to make sure a venue isn’t too hot or too cold, their first priority is you. They will be with you ahead of the day, working with your vendors ahead of time, manage vendors on the day and ensure your design/decor is just how you planned. Planners will fluff your dress, make sure you eat, and so much more!

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Not that you understand the difference between wedding planners and venue coordinators, you know they both want you to have the best wedding day (as do all of your vendors)! Ultimately everyone wants to do their best work for you. That work just varies among your vendors! If you want help with planning your wedding, contact us today!